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Beauty Tech Cutting-Edge Technology in the Beauty Industry

Innovative Technology in Beauty

Reality Augmented (AR)

AR is unquestionably now at forefront of all businesses, including the beauty industry. When the pandemic began, physical stores closed, denying people the ability to preserve and maintain their appearance. That is when beauty brands understood the need of incorporating augmented reality into their websites and apps. The best example is virtual try-on, which allows customers to assess whether certain makeup, jewellery, hair colour, or clothes will look well on them. They also provide users with individualised experiences and allow them to try the products before
purchasing them.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Because AI is a more difficult technology, its application in the beauty, business is less widespread. But one thing is sure: when it comes towards personalisation, AI is unrivalled. If the Artificial intelligence system works well, you will quickly learn about your clients’ wants, requests, expectations, and ambitions. This increases the likelihood that your users will find the product they require.Hair and skin analysis may be the most visible application of AI in the beauty business.

There are numerous ready-made products, such as Banuba, that may assist you in integrating AR or AI into your application or website. Banuba is well-known for its goal of bringing AI or AR technology to all business sectors. Despite being created in 2016, people already provide Video Editor SDK, Assisted Virtual Try-On, or Face AR SDK, which may all be classified as revolutionary beauty tech solutions. It’s no surprise that Gucci, Samsung, and other well-known businesses cooperate with them.

Influencers on the Internet

A virtual ambassador is still a computer-generated persona that can be utilised for marketing objectives. This innovation still is uncommon, but it is becoming more common.Dermalogica, a personal grooming brand, has taken things a step further by developing Natalia, a digital human who instructs skin care professionals.

Printers for 3D Makeup

3D makeup printers without a doubt the future of beauty. For the time being, they are not widely available, but one thing is certain: they here have permeated the beauty sector and will undoubtedly become more visible in the near future.Mink invented the first 3D cosmetics printer in 2019. This is a small and portable device. Simply launch the Mink app, attach your smartphone to the printer, load any image into the app, place the Mink make sheet inside the printer’s tray, and press the Send to print button. The Mink Lipstick Printer can print over 16 million different hues. Furthermore, it manufactures cosmetics in dry powder, which can be used as eyeshadows, flushes, face powders, and so on.

As you can see, the cosmetics industry is always evolving. It is always changing, introducing amazing advancements and paving the way for future advances.

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