Facts About Goldfish

When many people think of goldfish, they may not be aware that this common pet has some respectable history. Goldfish as we probably know them today are relatives of the Prussian carp, which are endemic to eastern and southeastern Asia, and appear to be their duller-colored predecessors. Keep reading to learn about goldfish, then and now, as well as some great goldfish trivia.

A History of the Goldfish

It was during the Song Dynasty (960 AD – 1279 AD) in ancient China that people began to domesticate silver carp. When reproduction began, a varietal change appeared, leading to yellow-orange scales. The yellow color was assigned the noble variety and was forbidden to be possessed by anyone other than persons of a distinguished family. Average citizens need to observe orange adaptations, calling them goldfish.

In old China, it was common to keep goldfish in outdoor lakes and water gardens, which is exactly what people do today. On special occasions, or when there was an exceptionally cute instance, goldfish were kept in plain view in smallholders inside. During the Ming tradition around 1276, they were officially domesticated and introduced, yielding red, gold, spotted, and other colored fish. In addition, goldfish began to appear after the extravaganza.

Where Do Pet Store Goldfish Come From?

Nowadays, goldfish come in all shapes, sizes, balance styles, eye-setting setups, and varieties. Most fish you find in pet stores come from commercial breeders, usually based in Thailand, Japan, China, or Indonesia. While commercial fish are yellow, gold, and part of a variety of varieties, wild fish are only olive green or dull black. Commercial goldfish are only suitable for indoor living, but there are types of lake goldfish that thrive in open-air water nurseries and lakes and can grow very large.

Goldfish are the most well-known pet fish and can be found at pet stores nationwide. Generally, depending on the variety and type, you can pay anywhere from a few dollars to over $15 for a pet fish. The most expensive fish breed, however, is the Rancho fish, which costs around $150 depending on the size and variety.


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How Big to Goldfish Get?

Common goldfish (the ones you can catch at regional fairs), are actually one of the largest types of fish, apt to reach lengths north of 18 inches and weigh up to ten pounds. In fact, even the smallest goldfish species reach somewhere in the range of 4 and 7 inches in adult length and are ideal for 20-gallon or larger aquariums, not fish bowls.


The size of your goldfish’s tank will affect its growth to some degree, but there are other variables to consider, such as the fish’s diet and the cleanliness of its current condition. Depending on the species or more contextual factors, a fish can be as long as two feet or as little as two inches in length.

What do Goldfish Eat and How Long do They Live?

In the wild, fish are omnivorous, eating marine vegetation, frogs, nymphs, fish eggs, and insect hatchlings. Pet fish actually do well with pellet fish food enriched with vegetables, although some hardier varieties may require a good amount of live food in their diet or they risk developing gastrointestinal problems.

Despite the common misconception that goldfish bite the dust at a very young age, fish are probably one of the longest-lived fish, with the oldest recorded living goldfish reaching 49 years of age. Youth is that they are not kept in suitable conditions. Overall, the life expectancy of a fish kept in a bowl is limited at best to about five years. fish kept indoors in an aquarium can be content for up to a decade, while fish kept outside in a water nursery or lake can live at least 20 years, in some cases up to 30 or 40 years.

What Makes a Good Goldfish Habitat?

In the wild, goldfish prefer freshwater, especially slack, calm water. fish have also shown a penchant for murky and murky water, and shady or murky water doesn’t seem to bother them in any way. In various areas, fish populations have been observed living happily in stagnant backwaters, where they eat more than enough marine vegetation.

  • An ideal fish home will also have zooplankton, fish eggs, bug hatchlings, debris, and shellfish moving around for the fish to feed on. Goldfish also prefer cool water, and therefore should not be kept in tropical aquariums.
  • Another thing to remember whether you need a pet fish is that they require twice as much space as exotic fish, so don’t overburden your tank.

Are Goldfish Edible?

Goldfish are relatives of the carp, which were introduced to ancient Asia for food. Carp is still the first game fish in Europe and is considered the most important food fish in Asia. That being said, carp is not used as a food fish in America because it is too tough, tough, and oily. Also pet fish can give disease; Few other fish make a better, really filling, and better dinner.


More Fun Facts About Goldfish

Here are some more goldfish trivia to impress your friends:

The fish lives and lies down with its eyes open. In fact, they don’t have eyelids, so they can’t close their eyes even if they need to.

Goldfish were once considered the best of luck and it was customary for newly married men to give them to their spouses on the first wedding anniversary.

They can actually remember things that happened 90 days ago – and a lot more here and there. fish have a sense of routine and can be trained to perform small tricks such as swimming through loops and pulling a switch to deliver food.

The gathering of fish is considered “a nuisance”, not the school.

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