Names That Mean Blood 40+ Character – good-name

Names That Mean Blood 40+ Character – good-name

Names that mean “blood” often mean that the person is evil or from another planet. They also have a lot in common with vampires or Dracula characters in stories, like a strong sense of vengeance and other similar traits. So, if you want to put these kinds of characters in your comic with this kind of setting or theme, these names would be perfect.

They make people feel afraid and keep them interested in the story. Giving them bad names is the best way to make sure that their names match who they are. Choosing the right evil name for a character, like a vampire or a bad mythological figure, can send shivers down your spine and make you think bad things will happen.

Here are some names with the word “blood” in them. There are many names that mean “blood,” from names that actually mean violence and bloodshed for no reason to names that mean close relatives or ancestors.

Girls’ Names Which then Mean Blood.

Are you having a look for names for a girl that means “blood” for a character or a baby girl? Choose a name from any of this list that you like and it will add to your personality.

The Chamoru word “Agana” means “blood.”
The word “field of blood” is what “Akeldama” means in Aramaic.
Ayuna comes from Japan and means “bloody” or “red.”
Blodughadda comes from the Norse language, and it means “the one with bloody hair.”
Flatonia is a Roman name that comes from the story of Juno Fluonia.
Ixquic comes from Maya and means “blood woman.”
Mujahid is an Arabic word that means “soul” or “blood of the heart.”
Sheerah has its roots in Hebrew and means “blood relative.”
Tallulah is a Native American name that means “blood red” or refers to that color.
Tokyo comes from the Japanese word for “bloody,” “red,” or “vermilion.”

Boys’ Names Which also Mean Blood.

Make your male characters more interesting and your work will make women swoon. If you want a name for a boy that means “blood,” pick from this docket that you like. Djimon comes from Africa, and the name means “Powerful Blood.” Edom comes from the Hebrew language and means “red, earthy, bloody.”

Ephesdammim comes from the Bible and means “Border of blood.”
Idumea comes from the Bible, and it means “Red, earthy, bloody.”
Nouman comes from Arabic and means “Blood.”
Numaan is an Arabic name that means “blood.”
Pasdammin comes from the Bible and means “portion or lessening of blood.”
Atakan– Turkish origin, means “blood”
Berkan is a Turkish word that means “blood” or “lineage.”
Demirkan– Turkish beginnings, means “iron blood”

Names for both boys and girls that mean blood.

It’s time to stop being biased against women here. Let’s make it easier. Think about giving a style or child a name that refers to “blood” and doesn’t specify a gender. The following is a rundown of cute names for blood.

Quick, which comes from Greenlandic, means “coagulated blood.”

The word “blessed” comes from English and Africa, and it means “to make holy with blood.”
Shinsuke comes from Japan and means “blood.”
Eztli comes from Nahuatl and means “blood.”
Gwyar is a Welsh word that means “blood” or “gore.”
Kanik– Living in the eastern origin, means “blood”.
Karro comes from Kaurna and means “blood.”
The word “ki” comes from China and means “blood” or “energy.”
Vendetta comes from Italy and means “blood feud.”
Damascus comes from the Bible and means “A sack with blood, like burning.”

Names Have to do with blood.

If you want to look at certain scary names that have to do with blood, you are in the right place. You’ll find names you like on this list, whether they mean evil, dying, or creepy. This section also has things like destruction and the end of the world. In the Mayan language, Ah Puch means “God of death.” Alvah comes from Hebrew and means “evil.” Anpu comes from Egypt and means “God of Death.”

Azazel– Hebrew roots, means “scapegoat”.
Azrail comes from Hebrew, and the name means “angel of death.”
Blaze comes from English and means “fire.”
Chiwa comes from Africa and means “death.”
Desdemona- Greek origin, means “to destroy”.
Keegan is an Irish name that means “firey.”
Keket comes from Egypt and means “darkness.”

Blood Names for Both Boys and Girls

Our search for names that can be used for either a boy or a girl doesn’t end here. There are numerous options that we had to add another section. Writers have a hard time coming up with the right name for each gender, so starting to come up with concepts that can be used for either gender is a relief for them.

Rusty comes from English and means “a shade of red.”

Sanguine comes from the Latin word for “bloody” or “bloodthirsty.”

Serkan comes from Turkey and means “blood head.”
Tokito means “red,” “bloody,” or “vermilion” in Japanese.
Tsuguto comes from Japan and means “paternal blood.”
Jira is an African word that means “blood-related.”
The Arabic word Muhannadah means “soul, heart, blood.”
Muhja comes from Arabic and means “Heart, blood, and soul.”
Preciosa comes from Spain, and it means “precious blood.”
Muhjah comes from Arabic and means “Our heart’s blood.”

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