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Procedures for Trendy Plastic Surgery


The Aesthetic Society estimates that Americans will spend over $9 billion on cosmetic surgery in 2020. This amount exceeded that revenue threshold in 2021; according to one plastic surgeon, 2021 was the peak year for plastic surgery.

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In the past, this rising figure would have indicated that Americans were focused on appearing like celebrities, but today’s treatments place a greater emphasis on fostering one’s uniqueness.

The current trend is to look like yourself with upgrades rather than more like your favorite star.

Many surgeons now in Plastic Surgery receive photos that their patients had Photoshopped or pictures of friends or relatives with desirable qualities instead of celebrity photos.



We’ll look into a few of them now.

Increased breast size.

With approximately 300,000 procedures performed each year, breast augmentation is undoubtedly the most common plastic surgery in the United States.

The majority of women get this treatment done to increase the size and volume of their breasts, but recently, many have made the decision only to have asymmetrical breasts corrected.

In addition to choosing the size and location of their implants, patients can consult with the plastic surgeon to decide if silicone or saline implants would be the best choice for them.

Portuguese Butt Lift.

This technique have about 8500 recipients in 2012, but due to its outstanding outcomes, the number has dramatically climbed to close to 50,000 in recent years.

In a two-step treatment called a Brazilian Butt Lift, fat cells first from the belly, back, thighs, or hips are extracted using liposuction.

Then, the fat cells are processed and purified before being injected into the buttocks.

Expert in Miami

Although there is always a new trend, having your plastic surgery performed by a skilled professional is the only way to guarantee that you achieve successful results while remaining safe.

Contact Dolls Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida, for the best plastic surgery.

Their expert plastic surgery facility is well-known and highly regarded. So just go ahead and begin your journey now because we can tell you that it will be intriguing to see where plastic surgery goes in the future.

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