Through Tech improvement profound wisdom and yogic technology.

The world’s capital of yoga, Rishikesh, India, is where Sattva Connect was founded. The Himalayan yogic tradition was developed and is being spread by its originator, Anand Mehrotra, the world’s youngest recognized spiritual master.

Mr. Mehrotra has dedicated his life to disseminating the genuine teachings of a Himalayan yogic legacy over the globe, which he does in a unique and potent way.


“Your goal in being here is to change, grow, feel your extreme aliveness, and awaken to who you really are. You set the course. You set the course. The moment has come. the Mehrotra

Sattva Connect is for you if evolution interests you, you want Tech improvement to embark on a self-realization journey where you encounter deeper purpose and meaning, and you want to thrive instead of survive.

Like to spread your light all through the world,

Sattva Connect offers easy accessibility to Himalayan Veda knowledge from the comfort of one’s home. Even when one is not in India.

They can still experience a strong connection to the Sattva practices and rely on the enduring wisdom and comprehensive practices Mehrotra or the Sattva head teacher had imparted.

Sattva Connect provides a platform where one can connect with their truest selves and receive integrated yogic practices, kriya sets, and pranayama.

Tech Session.

The goal of yoga in its most basic form is to change one’s life. There is no halfway point or exit; there is simply a ticket to freedom and emancipation. For this spiritual teacher, yoga is not simply a regimen. It is a method of life, a constant transforming experience that enables one to experience pure freedom and fully embody their true self.

This spiritual master’s teachings are thorough, inclusive, and unifying. They help people discover the wonder of life, master their own selves, and link with the kindness of the heart. His teachings are incredibly relevant for the times we live in.

These lessons also humble you and let you realize how much more there is to learn and discover. When you get over what is really no longer necessary, they assist you in discovering your genuine self.


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