World Cup favorites from Day 5 from AP Photos

Qatar’s LUSAIL (AP) — Richarlison scored two goals as Brazil defeated Serbia 2-0 on Thursday just at World Cup despite Neymar leaving the game with an ankle injury. Richarlison’s goals came on each side of a simple tap from close range.

The Tottenham striker was informed of the severity of Neymar’s injury following the game.

Richarlison, scored his first goal following a buildup initiated by Neymar. Stated that having him fully recovered for the upcoming encounter was of utmost importance to the team. “I’m going to go check on him when I reach the motel,” she said.

Neymar injured his right ankle, according to Rodrigo Lasmar, Sports Betting Software the team doctor for Brazil. He refrained from making a prediction regarding whether he would be able to participate in the team’s upcoming game versus Switzerland on Monday.

As Lasmar described it, “We applied ice when he was sitting on the sideline and later in physiotherapy. A test is not currently scheduled, but we will do it if necessary. He’ll be watched closely. Tomorrow, we’ll learn more.

Neymar sustained an injury just at the 2014 World Cup as well. At home in Brazil, he had to be carried off the field against Colombia in the quarterfinals due to a back injury that ended his participation. Brazil ultimately suffered a 7-1 semifinal defeat against Germany.

For the world cup game, Serbia experienced its own injury problems.

Dragan Stojkovi, the Serbian coach, remarked, “We have three crucial players who really are injured – it’s too much for us.” “We don’t have 200 million people like Brazil does. We live in a relatively small nation.

Brazil’s greatest attraction at his third World Cup was the 30-year-old Neymar. Although he assisted the “Seleço” in winning the 2013 Confed Cup and their first Olympic gold just at the 2016 Olympics in Rio Events, he has yet to help the team win a significant competition.

Brazil, which is attempting to win the first-ever World Cup in twenty years, has won 17 of its last 20 starting matches. In the previous 10 World Cups, it has won its group.


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